In order to meet the needs of the Brazilian market and thanks to the fortunate association of four engineers who are now its directors, Fourth Technology was created in 1996, and is now in sound operation in São Bernardo do Campo, an active city of the industrial area of the State of São Paulo known as ABC.

Ongoing investments in research, technological development and human resources ensured the company an outstanding position among the industry’s most competent players. Today, Fourth Technology produces, markets and distributes keyboards that meet the needs of a broad range of segments.

Keyboards for Business Automation deserve special attention, since, for more than three years, they have been featuring special functions, liquid crystal display and magnetic card reading.

The banking industry benefited from the development of special keyboards, including for Braille reading, and the anti-vandalism ATM line, with resistive technology.

An O&M line was also developed to meet the specific needs of customers.

PC keyboards, in ABNT, American, Multimedia and Internet layouts, complete the company’s product line. The new models already incorporate barcode readers compatible with Brazilian documents (FEBRABAN) so as to facilitate the payment of business invoices.

Large industries, financial institutions and business corporations use the keyboards manufactured by Fourth Technology with safety and to their full satisfaction. It is Fourth Technology’s commitment to serve the market with superior quality products, at competitive prices.

Fourth Technology’s special product unit develops keyboards with customized layouts in order to meet the specifications of all of its customers. These special keyboards incorporate resistive technology, are assembled in high impact cases and are laser-recorded.

Their use spans a broad range of segments, from access control, lotteries and bingo games to the most complex industrial applications. Fourth Technology is
ISO 9001 certified
and was awarded the Marca Brasil 2002 Award, ratifying its commitment to exceed the expectations of present and future customers.

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